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House brand XLNT Sports makes another multivitamin although in powder format

Xlnt Multivitamin Powder

House brand XLNT Sports from the Swedish retailer MM Sports has a rather extensive selection of supplements, as anyone would know if they shopped at MM Sports. That lineup obviously covers many different categories, from pre-workout to protein bars, and multivitamin, of which it already had a few of, and this week, it has added another competitor to the essential-style category.

XNLT Sports from MM Sports has introduced Multivitamin Powder, and it is that title-mentioned format that makes the supplement a little bit different. The brand’s other multivitamins come in pills, while its latest effort is in Unflavored powder. Inside that powder is a combination of 12 key vitamins and eight different minerals, all geared toward supporting and improving health and wellness.

Multivitamin Powder is XLNT Sports’ most expensive multivitamin supplement, although unlike its other competitors, such as Day Multivitamin, this one comes with more servings at 60, to supply you for a whole two months. You can grab the product from the MM Sports website at 249 (22.62 USD) for a single bottle, 219 (19.89 USD) each for two, and 209 (18.99 USD) a piece for three.