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Three of 5% Nutrition’s popular products get chromed-out for its limited Legendary Kit

5 Nutrition Legendary Kit Blackout Edition

5% Nutrition is capping off its busy year with an extremely limited edition and genuinely awesome-looking bundle called the Legendary Kit Blackout Edition. We’ve seen the brand do special edition items in the past, such as the White Cherry All Day You May, although its latest effort takes things a bit further; as mentioned, it’s a bundle with a handful of products inside.

The Legendary Kit comes with eye-catching Blackout Edition versions of three of 5% Nutrition’s more popular supplements in Full As F*ck, All Day You May, and the stimulant pre-workout Kill It Reloaded, plus a limited tee. Instead of featuring the usual look on each of the supplements, for the Legendary Kit they’ve been temporarily rebranded in an awesome black label on a chrome bottle, and it is deserving of the Legendary name.

5 Nutrition Legendary Kit Blackout Edition

As far as we know, each of the Blackout Edition products features its usual formula, with the look and taste being the key points of difference. The flavor of all of the powder products in 5% Nutrition’s Legendary Kit Blackout Edition is the same across the board, in a completely new and exclusive Maui Twist, which is a tropical recipe combining the sweet tastes of pineapple, kiwi, and coconut.

Altogether, the Legendary Kit Blackout Edition won’t cost you all that much considering what you get with those three full-size supplements, and you get an extra discount if you pre-order. The usual price of the bundle is $124.95; however, if you pre-order before mid-January, you get 20% off, bringing the chromed-out supplement bundle tee down to $99.95.