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Apollon closing out the year with an extremely limited pre-workout featuring 15 premium ingredients

Apollon Nutrition Limited Powerhouse Pre Workout

If you thought things couldn’t get any more exciting at Apollon Nutrition, which is making an incredibly strong case to win Brand Of The Year for 2022, it has shared a teaser that we can’t help but be excited about the full reveal. You can see the blurred-out image for yourself above, and while that doesn’t provide much detail or information, we have some words to go with it that will encourage you to be as interested as we are.

Firstly, the teaser from the hardcore company, Apollon Nutrition, is for a completely new supplement that is set to launch before the end of the year, capping off an incredibly impressive performance throughout 2022. It will be an extremely limited edition product, similar to the likes of its combination pre-workouts Double Impact and Timecop, it is apparently going to feature a huge 15 premium branded ingredients, and it is only going to be available through the brand’s online store at

Not too surprisingly, with those 15 premium components and Apollon Nutrition’s experience with limited-time pre-workouts such as Double Impact and Timecop, the promising supplement will be a pre-workout and an undoubtedly powerful one at that. The brand is also working with Chris Waldrum of Inspired for the branding, so you can count on a similar but mostly different type of label design compared to the rest of its line.

While we don’t have all that many details, Apollon Nutrition has indeed shared enough to get some hype going. An extremely limited supplement that is a direct exclusive with 15 trademark ingredients, and features a unique label, are all the ingredients you need for an exciting product drop. The mystery item is said to be released right at the end of the year, on December 31st, with everything you need to know coming on the 26th.