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Applied Nutrition takes home International Brand Of The Year for 2022

Applied Nutrition International Brand Of The Year

All of the categories in our Brand Of The Year Awards are judged in the same manner; we reward those that have kept their foot on the gas from the start of the year to the finish. Relentlessly releasing new supplements, flavors, formats, and categories and delivering reliably effective formulas in those products. It all comes down to who has the best balance of that, whether it’s a smaller amount of powerhouse supplements, a more moderate number of less specialized items, or a diverse combination of both.

Applied Nutrition brought a broad blend of advanced products and several essential, mainstream supplements this year, and with consistency from January through to December, it is taking home our International Brand Of The Year for 2022. The UK-based sports nutrition brand added beverages to its lineup in the likes of High Protein Shake and Carni-Tone, and it heavily expanded its functional family Fit Cuisine with Barista Syrup and actual flavors of Peanut Butter, including Chocolate.

Applied Worldwide Rebrand Of Abe

One of the most impressive developments from Applied Nutrition is the expansion into the American market, where it has set up an office in Texas and organized strong distribution to kick off its US debut. Even more interestingly, the brand has changed the look of its advanced All Black Everything supplements to go with the launch and created alternative versions. It is a massive undertaking to enter the American market, especially when there isn’t a sports nutrition brand we know of that has done it with tremendous success.

Basically, Applied Nutrition put on a show in 2022, expanding its selection of functional and convenient products and, once again, setting itself up to enter the US battleground sometime this month. Applied Nutrition kept things exciting for fans this year, finding room for more supplements, snacks, and functional creations, despite already having one of the more extensive catalogs out there. We look forward to its highly-anticipated debut in America and how it navigates and performs throughout that.

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