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Dulce de leche the first entry in Atlhetica’s flavor-focused Best Whey spin-off series

Atlhetica Nutrition Best Whey Premium

Protein powders with inclusions have become more than a trend, with many competitors in the saturated protein powder category making supplements with that approach. Some of those companies throwing things like chocolate chips and cereal pieces into their products have made entirely separate series where it has a straightforward protein powder and then something more flavor-focused with inclusions.

Brazilian giant Atlhetica Nutrition, known for its protein powder Best Whey, appears to be the latest to get in on the fun of inclusions, and it’s taken the approach of putting together a separate line. The brand has announced Best Whey Premium, a flavor-first spin-off of the original Best Whey protein powder, that still features a lean and protein-packed nutrition profile, but it’s sacrificed in some areas for that better taste.

Atlhetica Nutrition has named the first or at least one flavor from its Best Whey Premium collection in Dulce de leche, based on the classic dessert of the same name, and it comes with pieces of sugar-free Dulce de leche. According to the brand, the product is available now in Brazil with Best Whey’s usual 25g of protein per serving, all from whey, reasonable fat and carbohydrates, and it is available in the traditional 2lb tub size.