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Stimulant-free Cuts Heat launching alongside Black Market’s Cuts Pump on Boxing Day

Black Market Cuts Heat

Already this week, the original underground supplement company Black Market announced the upcoming release of Cuts Pump, yet another spin-off of its pre-workout Cuts, designed to enhance thermogenesis and muscle pumps. The news came after the first spin-off of Cuts earlier in the year with Cuts Amino, taking a similar approach, combining two types of products in aminos for recovery and weight loss ingredients.

Black Market is really trying to get in as much excitement as it can before Christmas Day, as news of another Cuts-named supplement has come in, introducing Cuts Heat. From what we can see, Cuts Heat will be a stimulant-free product specifically designed to increase thermogenesis to get your sweat on. With the stimulant-free status, we wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t have any crossover and is stackable with other Cuts supplements.

The stimulant-free Cuts Heat will have all of its details revealed shortly, as, like Cuts Pump, Black Market plans on launching its third overall spin-off of the Cuts pre-workout in three days. Cuts Heat will debut alongside Cuts Pump the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, where fans are undoubtedly going to get some sort of deal or discount, making their initial release the ideal time to get in and grab one or both of the products.