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Legendary fighting game Tekken teams up with G Fuel for a cantaloupe flavor

G Fuel X Tekken Rage Drive

There are several supplement companies now out there regularly doing authentic collaborations, whether it be a food-based partnership, some sort of entertainment like a film or game, or an individual like an athlete or ambassador. G Fuel is probably one of the busiest when it comes to collaborations, pumping out more than anyone else, and it does a great job at making each and every one of them interesting and exciting.

G Fuel has announced yet another partnership product, and this one will likely go down very well with its gamer-heavy fanbase. The gaming supplement specialist has come together with one of the most legendary fighting titles ever in Tekken. The flavor is called Rage Drive, a move featured in the video game itself, and while the name doesn’t say much, Tekken’s Rage Drive G Fuel is said to have a refreshing cantaloupe taste.

G Fuel’s collaboration with Tekken features an eye-catching label design starring two of the video game’s iconic, long-running characters in Heihachi Mishima and his son Kazuya Mishima. Pre-ordering for the cantaloupe-flavored Rage Drive G Fuel in a special edition Collector’s Box will begin at the end of this week over at, although the product won’t be shipping out until sometime in the first month of the New Year.

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