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Grandma Crunch makes a second plant protein cereal that has better taste and texture

Grandma Crunch Recipe 3

Functional cereal brand Grandma Crunch from the UK has introduced a second product to go alongside its debut plant-based, high-protein cereal, although it is rather similar. Grandma Crunch Recipe 3 is a new puff-style cereal similar to the brand’s original, but it is said to have an improved formula that, in turn, provides a better level of flavor and a more enjoyable texture.

From what we understand, Grandma Crunch Recipe 3 is essentially a flavor-first alternative, as it’s not replacing the brand’s other cereal. It’s something you can have if you want a more pleasant eating experience compared to Grandma Crunch’s regular cereal. The product is still plant-based; however, the macros aren’t as lean, so you are sacrificing somewhere for that improved taste and texture.

Grandma Crunch has launched Grandma Crunch Recipe 3 in a strong menu of six different options, including Cocoa, Coconut, Strawberry, Tutti Frutti, Caramel, and Peanut. To give you an idea of the nutrition, the Cocoa flavor has 9.7g of protein in a 31g serving, versus the Cocoa flavor of the original cereal at 16g, carbohydrates at 9.1g, practically no sugar, 6.7g of fat, and 140 calories.

If you’re ready to try and experience the improved Grandma Crunch Recipe 3 and don’t mind the slightly less lean macros, it is available straight from the brand’s website. The price of the product is lower than the regular Grandma Crunch cereal at £21.50 for a bundle of four full-size boxes, or there is a build-your-own box where you pick the flavors individually for as low as £4.73 each.