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Inspired Nutraceuticals acquired from legendary founder Chris Waldrum

Inspired Nutraceuticals Acquired

Inspired Nutraceuticals is an incredibly reputable sports nutrition company, building its name originally on powerhouse pre-workouts under the title DVST8, and it took home our Brand Of The Year award back in 2019. It is a beast, to say the least, and a name not to be underestimated in the supplement industry, and it was all started by the innovative, creative, and charismatic Chris Waldrum.

Beginning on Friday of last week, Inspired Nutraceuticals has officially changed hands, with the founder Chris Waldrum no longer an owner of the brand. He will remain on board and guide the company and its direction as it moves forward, but it is going to bring about some exciting developments. The acquisition is said to basically give Inspired a lot more firepower to do and achieve levels that it might not have been as possible previously.

Inspired Nutraceuticals hasn’t been as busy and standout as we saw back in the year of 2019, when it won Brand Of The Year, although, in the time since then, it has strengthened its reputation, expanded its reach, and, don’t forget, created our number one rated pre-workout on the market. It hasn’t been as frequent and non-stop, and by the sounds of things, that could be what it’s about to get back to.

The change of ownership of Inspired Nutraceuticals from the one-and-only Chris Waldrum is a huge story to close out the year for the brand and, indeed, a strong starting point moving into 2023. Inspired has always had the incredible ability to give the industry products and formulas it didn’t know it wanted or needed, so again, we can’t help but be excited for what this new path will bring for the brand.

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