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Introducing Australia’s colorful and eye-catching new brand Zombie Labs

Zombie Labs Infected

Zombie Labs is a fresh and colorful new sports nutrition company beginning to take over shelves across Australia and New Zealand right in the last month of the year. The brand has kicked off its run with a handful of supplements, all featuring brightly-branded, eye-catching label designs, which you can see above, covering two of the most popular categories out there.

Australia-based Zombie Labs currently has four products available in the stimulant pre-workout Infected, the higher-stimulant pre-workout Cross-Eyed, the stimulant-free pump-enhancing Pumpz, and lastly, the fat burner Molotov. The formulas powering each of the supplements are not too bad, definitely falling into the respectable realm with nothing dosed too low.

Zombie Labs’ mainstream stimulant pre-workout Infected (below) is a great example of the types of formulas you get with the newcomer, showing off some solid highlights. A full serving of that product packs 6g of citrulline malate and 50mg of amentoflavone for pumps, 325mg of caffeine, theobromine, and hordenine for energy, and a gram of tyrosine and 300mg of alpha-GPC to drive focus.

Zombie Labs Infected Pre Workout Label

Zombie Labs clearly likes to stick with common and reliable ingredients for its supplements and effective dosages, and that theme is consistent across Infected, Cross-Eyed, Pumpz, and the weight loss-supporting Molotov. Considering it’s new to the industry, it’s a solid lineup of products, and it leaves plenty of room for the brand to expand into other categories.

As mentioned, Zombie Labs is gradually making its way out to stores and stockists across Australia and New Zealand, and it can also be purchased in the region directly from To keep things as consistent as possible, the brand does not vary in price, with the pre-workouts and fat burner priced the same from one to the next at $79.95 (53.40 USD).