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Festive Ruthless flavor Jingle Juice is back to celebrate another Christmas

Iron Brothers Jingle Juice Ruthless

In 2020 Iron Brothers Supplements released a special Christmas edition flavor for the first time, specifically for its stimulant pre-workout Ruthless. The Canadian company, of course, gave the flavor a Christmas theme, naming it Jingle Juice. Based on graphics, it appears to be a candy-like taste, and after resurrecting the product for Christmas last year, here in 2022, the brand is doing it once again.

The return of Jingle Juice Ruthless is already on its way to Iron Brothers Supplements’ many stores and stockists throughout Canada, so fans in the country can expect to get it at their favorite retailer shortly. As far as we know, it has the same taste as Jingle Juice’s last two appearances, alongside Ruthless’ usual combination of ingredients to increase energy, enhance focus, and improve performance.