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NitroSurge Shred lands another flavor and PrimaSurge gets doubled in size

Jacked Factory Primasurge Double Size

A few times this year, we’ve seen Jacked Factory expand its selection of supplements with an additional size or flavor, and today we actually have both of those with a more cost-effective size and another flavor. Each of the releases is a different product, with the second size being for the brand’s testosterone booster PrimaSurge, previously only available in a typical 30-serving bottle to get you through an entire month.

Over on Jacked Factory’s online store, there is now a 60-serving bottle of PrimaSurge, that obviously has twice as much inside, but it isn’t twice the price at $49.99, working out to a saving of around 16%. As for the additional flavor, that belongs to the brand’s hybrid fat-burning pre-workout NitroSurge Shred, which wasn’t short on options at six but has just been bumped up to seven with the classic recipe of Cherry Limeade.

Jacked Factory’s two-month-supply PrimaSurge and Cherry Limeade NitroSurge Shred are available directly through its website; as mentioned, the larger PrimaSurge is $49.99 while Cherry Limeade NitroSurge Shred is the same as the supplement’s other six tastes at $29.99.