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Kaged puts a hefty 1.2g of AlphaSize in its first nootropic supplement

Kaged Mindset

Kaged may have been in the industry for a reasonable amount of time, although there are some notable categories here and there that it has still yet to reach into. One of those gaps has just been filled to close out the year with the brand’s first-ever nootropic supplement, introducing Mindset, which features some solid dosages, including one we’ve never seen this high before.

Kaged Mindset is like many other products in the nootropic space and is built to improve mental focus, enhance cognition, and support memory, and interestingly, it is caffeine-free, so it’s without that reliable energy kick. We’ve got the facts panel below, albeit from a difficult angle, with a selection of vitamins, including premium PureWay-C vitamin C, and eight main active ingredients.

Kaged Mindset Label

Some of the star highlights in the focus and cognition-enhancing Kaged Mindset are a gram of tyrosine, another gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, 100mg of SunP5 phosphatidylserine, and 100mg of the branded mineral complex IonPlex. As for that hefty, strong dose mentioned earlier, premium AlphaSize alpha-GPC is in Mindset, at a massive 1.2g, far beyond the 600mg we typically see.

It is worth reminding you that the amounts we’re highlighting are for Kaged’s maximum two-scoop serving of Mindset. The supplement has the common 30 single-scoop servings per tub, but if you want the full experience and run with two scoops, the number of servings you get halves from 30 to 15.

Mindset certainly brings together a robust formula considering it is Kaged’s nootropic debut, and it is in stock and available from the sports nutrition retailer The Vitamin Shoppe. The store is selling the focus, cognition, and memory product at $44.99, which is on the high side, looking at it from the angle of 15 servings a tub, and it is flavored in the one Orange Mango option.