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Revamped Stim Reaper looks to continue its hard-hitting reputation with more transparency

Killer Labz Stim Reaper

Following the unveiling of its all-new look to close out 2022 and enter 2023, hardcore brand Killer Labz has revealed its first reformulation, and it is its potent stimulant-heavy pre-workout Stim Reaper. The brand actually revamped the supplement around this time last year, packing it full of stimulants, including the likes of alpha yohimbine, halostachine, and, of course, a solid dose of caffeine.

Killer Labz’s rebranded Stim Reaper features some tweaks on the ingredient and dosage side, but most importantly, it is no longer non-transparent. The brand has switched the product to the more open approach of the heavier non-stimulant ingredients having a transparent dose, then the majority of the components for energy and focus wrapped in a proprietary blend.

You can see the facts panel for the new Stim Reaper in the image below, with beta-alanine and taurine separately listed at 3g and 1g, respectively. You then have the hard-hitting energy matrix with an 850mg combination of caffeine, potent juglans regia, Infinergy di-caffeine malate, halostachine, synephrine, and premium Cocoabuterol, then another 6mg blend of alpha yohimbine and huperzine.

Killer Labz Stim Reaper Label

Looking at the formula on paper, Killer Labz’s revamped Stim Reaper pre-workout should have no trouble carrying on the supplement’s legacy, packing a punch and doing it with some respectable stimulants. Interestingly the brand does list the exact amount of juglans per serving at 150mg, despite being in a blend, and it has confirmed a rough idea on the caffeine, saying it’s around the 400mg mark.

The refreshed Stim Reaper is going to launch alongside the rest of Killer Labz’s rebranded supplements in exactly one week, on Wednesday, the 14th of December. You’ll be able to grab it in tubs of 30 full servings in a classic Watermelon flavor, and knowing the brand there will likely be some sort of introductory sale, celebrating the launch and letting you try everything at a discount.