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Classic Lemon Lime comes to the extensive menu of the Celsius energy drink

Lemon Lime Celsius Energy Drink

Beverage giant Celsius just dropped another flavor of its signature energy drink, Celsius Live Fit, featuring vitamins, ginger root, guarana, and green tea, with a caffeine count of 200mg a can. The product already has many different options on its menu, with the likes of Peach Vibe, Strawberry Guava, Fuji Apple Pear, and Acai Green Tea, although its latest flavor extension is a little more classic.

Joining the extensive menu of the Celsius Live Fit energy drink is the traditional combination of lemon and lime, simply named Lemon Lime. The sparkling citrusy bomb comes with all of the same features as the other flavors of the beverage and a clean nutrition profile of zero carbohydrates and ten calories. The product is out and available in the US, including Walmart’s many locations.

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