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Magnum makes a plant-based alternative for Quattro also with four sources of protein

Magnum Quattro Vegan

While many sports nutrition brands of all shapes and sizes, new to old, have expanded their protein offerings to include a vegan-friendly option, that hasn’t been the case at Magnum. The Canadian company is known for its four-source supplement Quattro in the saturated protein space, which is not plant-based, but this week, Magnum has dropped a plant-based spin-off, introducing Quattro Vegan.

Like the original, Magnum’s Quattro Vegan brings together four different sources of protein to tie in with the name, in pea, brown rice, quinoa, and pumpkin extract. Altogether, those main ingredients provide 21g of protein per serving, a lean single gram of carbohydrates, 2g of fat, and 110 calories. To top it all off, the brand also includes a sizeable 750mg blend of enzymes to support and improve digestion.

Quattro Vegan is currently making its way out to Magnum’s many stores and stockists across Canada in two sizes, the same two as the regular Quattro in a 2lber and a 4lber, both in the two most common flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. Through the brand’s website, Quattro Vegan is also the same price as Quattro, with the smaller 2lb at $49.99 and the double-sized 4lb a little less than double at $89.99.