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New Year is bringing a promising new version of the long-running Cannibal Ferox

New And Improved Cannibal Ferox

Chaos and Pain is another sports nutrition company looking to start the New Year on the right foot, launching a completely new supplement, although this is far from typical. Longtime fans of the brand may remember when it made its initial debut, it did so with two products in the stimulant-fueled fat burner Cannibal Inferno, and the potent and powerful pre-workout Cannibal Ferox.

Sometime in the first month of next year, Chaos and Pain is releasing a revamped version of one of those original supplements, in the pre-workout Cannibal Ferox. If you’re a fan of the long-running brand and its hard-hitting Ferox, you’ll want to grab the next iteration as soon as it drops. Chaos and Pain isn’t saying too much about the product, only that it is improved compared to its predecessor.

As mentioned, Cannibal Ferox is one of, if not Chaos and Pain’s most known supplement, or at least one of the earliest to put it on the map, so it’ll be interesting to see what the brand does to honor the pre-workout’s legacy. Chaos and Pain is expected to share a better idea of when the promising new Ferox will be available soon, although its full label reveal is coming this Saturday.