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Much-loved Pitch Black flavor is coming to Mtn Dew Energy in the New Year

Pitch Black Mtn Dew Energy Drink

In January of next year, beverage giant Mtn Dew is bringing back its limited, long-running, and much-loved Pitch Black flavor for a variety of its drinks. Soon, fans will once again be able to grab the classic Pitch Black Mtn Dew soda and a sugar-free Pitch Black Mtn Dew, and for the first time ever, there is also going to be a Pitch Black Mtn Dew Energy drink.

The upcoming Pitch Black Mtn Dew Energy will have the beverage’s usual highlights, including citicoline to support mental focus, 200mg caffeine for energy, ingredients for immune health, no added sugar, and a light 25 calories. As for the taste of Pitch Black, when it was first introduced, it was described as a black grape taste, although that has since changed.

Since the mid-2010s, Mtn Dew’s occasionally available Pitch Black has been a citrusy dark fruit recipe, and that appears to be the case for the completely new Pitch Black Mtn Dew Energy drink. On the can of the product, it describes itself as “Pitch Black with a blast of citrus punch”, so similar to what we mentioned earlier, in an intriguing citrusy dark fruit experience.

The Pitch Black Mtn Dew Energy drink, as well as the regular Pitch Black Mtn Dew and Pitch Black sugar-free Mtn Dew, are all expected to launch in the first month of the New Year, and they are said to not be around for long, suggesting fans will want to get their hands on it when they see it.