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Quamtrax mixes up two separate Oh! My Series spreads named Goober and Cocoello

Quamtrax Nutrition Oh My Goober

Quamtrax Nutrition’s colorful, eye-catching, and enjoyable Oh! My Series already has a spread on the market with Oh! My Cream. It is a sweet and smooth spread that’s high in protein and low in sugar, and has a handful of tasty flavors, including Chocolate Black Cookie with cookie pieces. There are now two other spreads in the Quamtrax Oh! My collection, and they’re completely separate products, not flavor extensions of Oh! My Cream.

Currently making their way out to stores and stockists in Quamtrax Nutrition’s home country of Spain are Oh! My Goober, and Oh! My Cocoello. The former is a crunchy peanut butter infused with dark chocolate, while the latter is a coconut cream with white chocolate and bits of almonds. Like the original Oh! My Cream, Oh! My Goober and Oh! My Cocoello are relatively high in protein and low in sugar, with no added sugar.

Once again, Quamtrax Nutrition’s new Oh! My Series spreads are not new flavors of Oh! My Cream they’re their own products, with the consistency and flavor features sounding like what really separates them. Oh! My Goober and Oh! My Cocoello are making their way out to stores, but you can grab them both from the brand’s online store for the same price as Oh! My Cream at €7.50 (7.96 USD) for a reasonably sized jar.