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I Am F*cked Up pre-workout gets a surprisingly straightforward watermelon flavor

Swedish Supplements Watermelon I Am Fcked Up

Sports nutrition brand Swedish Supplements, obviously from Sweden, has a new flavor out this month for one of its more hardcore products in the stimulant-powered pre-workout uniquely named “I Am F*cked Up”. The company already has plenty of options available for the supplement, like Supercar Candy and Lollipop, and it’s even spun it into other formats, including the I Am F*cked Up energy drink and compact energy shot.

The newest entry in the menu of Swedish Supplements’ widely available I Am F*cked Up pre-workout is a bit of a surprise, as it’s incredibly straightforward, which is a significant change from its many creatively names options. The flavor of I Am F*cked Up is simply named Watermelon, as it aims to deliver that refreshing classic taste, and it is currently making its way out to stores, so look forward to seeing it on shelves in the region shortly.