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More focus placed on flavor in Swiss Laboratory’s colorful carbonated rebrand

Swiss Laboratory Carbonated Rebrand

Functional beverage brand Swiss Laboratory has refreshed the look of the three carbonated products in its lineup, each of which has its own flavor and formula focus. These are separate from the brand’s signature, non-carbonated drinks also featuring specific sets of ingredients to support various health and wellness benefits, and they come in Swiss’ classic silver cans.

The carbonated functional beverages previously had a different color each, orange for the vitamin C and D-powered option, pink for the calcium-based product, and green for magnesium and zinc. The refreshed look for that line of drinks is still as colorful as ever, although as you can see above, the brand has placed a lot more focus on the individual tastes of the beverages.

Swiss Laboratory has put a massive flavor graphic on the front of its carbonated drinks, such as the various berries on the cover of the calcium beverage, which is described as a forest fruit experience. It sounds as though all the rebranded products are currently making their way out to stores and should certainly stand out with their colorful and graphic-filled designs.