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TC Nutrition to start the New Year with its limited Rainbow Sherbet flavor series

Tc Nutrition Rainbow Sherbet Series

Canada’s TC Nutrition has announced a fresh new flavor series that is launching in a few days on January 1st to help its fans and followers start the New Year nice and strong. The upcoming collection consists of three different supplements, each for a different but mainstream category, and being a flavor series; they’re all in that sweet and tasty-sounding option.

TC Nutrition has turned Rainbow Sherbet into a flavor for its premier pre-workout Batch 27, the fat burner Hydraburn, and lastly, the amino cocktail HydrAmino. The brand has done a great job covering a variety of categories in its Rainbow Sherbet series, with most fans likely using at least one of those supplements, and increasing their chances of trying it.

Again, TC Nutrition is looking to release its Rainbow Sherbet flavor series on the first day of the New Year. It’ll presumably be available through the brand’s website before anywhere else, and like the other special edition collections it’s done before, Rainbow Sherbet is only around for a limited time.