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Powerhouse pre-workout Stim Xtreme 2.0 gets Cotton Candy as its third flavor

Tonificare Cotton Candy Stim Xtreme

Tonificare is an up-and-coming, premium sports nutrition brand that is making a name for itself with solid formulations for comprehensive and effective experiences. Tonificare’s flagship product is Stim Xtreme 2.0, a premium pre-workout that’s not short on highlights, including the likes of 8g of citrulline malate, 1.5g of Nitrosigine, and plenty of stimulants in halostachine, alpha yohimbine, eria jarensis, and, of course, caffeine.

We’ve got Tonificare and its powerhouse pre-workout Stim Xtreme 2.0 in the spotlight this week as it has just landed a new flavor, which it was in need of as previously it had only two tastes to choose from. Now available alongside the supplement’s original pair of Sour Gummy and Rocket Pop is another fun and creative flavor in Cotton Candy, and it’s already in stock on the brand’s website at Stim Xtreme 2.0’s usual $54.99.

There is some heavy discount always on offer through Tonificare’s online store where any two products get you 15% off, 20% for three plus, and any four items score you 25%, dropping tubs of Stim Xtreme 2.0 all the way down to $41.24.