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Potent high-stimulant V1X will be back in 2023 and it might have a new formula

V1 Nutra Return Of V1x

Currently, if you head to V1 Nutra’s online store, you’ll see the pre-workouts V1 and stackable Nitrum are in stock and available, although the highly-powered, heavy-stimulant pre-workout V1X is not. V1X is a stimulant powerhouse, loaded with ingredients for a potent hit of energy and focus, including 30mg of isopropylnorsynephrine, 2mg of alpha yohimbine, 200mg of eria jarensis, and 400mg of total caffeine.

While V1 Nutra’s V1X pre-workout is out of stock, for now, that won’t be the case for much longer, at least somewhere into early 2023. The still relatively new and growing brand has confirmed that V1X is making a return in the New Year with a slightly different look. V1 Nutra hasn’t said anything, but we do suspect, based on how it’s being hyped, that the restocked pre-workout will feature a new and improved formula.

If V1X is in line for a reformation, we’re guessing the goals of the supplement will be the same, aiming to deliver intense energy and tunnel-vision focus, just with a tweaked set of ingredients and dosages. High-stimulant pre-workouts have become a trend this year; however, as mentioned, V1X is not entirely new, meaning V1 Nutra has some experience and likely feedback heading into the return of the potent product.

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