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Newcomer Whey Better shares a teaser and some key features of its debut product

Whey Better Protein Treat

Whey Better is a new and mysterious functional food company about to launch in the UK, and it is keeping the majority of its details under wraps as it builds towards its debut later this month. All we have to go off is the teaser image above, which very clearly doesn’t tell you a whole lot, and some words from the brand that thankfully provide a bit more insight.

Based on the teaser image, it looks as though the first product from Whey Better will be some sort of bar or block-format snack. Whatever the item is, the brand has said it’s packed with protein and going off of the name “Whey Better”, we’re guessing most of the protein is from whey. The newcomer has also revealed the product will have no added sugar and be fortified with vitamins to support general health and wellness.

As mentioned, Whey Better hasn’t provided much information, although we are excited to see how its first product turns out. The UK and Europe are known to pump our creative, innovative, and highly different functional foods, and Whey Better sounds as though it has something in that realm. We’ll share more details when we have them, and we’re guessing that will be shortly, as there is only a couple of weeks left in December.