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Get a hit of protein and coffee in XXL Nutrition’s Iced Coffee N’Joy Drink

Xxl Nutrition Iced Coffee Njoy Protein Drink

If you’ve followed the retailer and brand XXL Nutrition at all, you’ll like be familiar with its extensive family of N’Joy branded protein products, including the N’Joy Museli Bar, classic N’Joy Protein Bar, and the N’Joy Drink. The European giant has added another entry to the family just a few days away from the end of the year, and it’s not actually anything completely new; it is a spin-off or unique flavor of the N’Joy Protein Drink.

XXL Nutrition has put together an Iced Coffee flavor of the N’Joy Protein Drink, packing that same 31g of protein per bottle primarily from milk isolate, but of course, with a coffee taste, not like any of the milkshake-style flavors already available for the product. To go with the coffee theme, the Iced Coffee N’Joy Protein Drink does have a bit of an energy kick, as it is caffeinated, with an energizing 80mg in a whole 310ml bottle.

The Iced Coffee N’Joy Protein Drink can be purchased straight from XXL Nutrition’s online store, and again, it is being treated as a separate product from the other flavors, so it is listed on a separate page. The cost of the coffee-themed experience is a bit more than N’Joy Protein Drink’s original tastes like Chocolate and Strawberry, coming in at €2.49 (2.65 USD) for a single bottle or get a pack of six at €13.95 (14.84 USD).