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Second protein powder from Atron is going to rely exclusive on whey isolate

Atron Isolate Protein Powder

Atron in Sweden currently has the one protein powder available simply named Whey Protein, and it is precisely that, a protein supplement providing a high protein nutrition profile with whey as its source. Sometime soon, the brand is adding another competitor to the saturated protein category by the name of Isolate, which, unlike Whey Protein, relies exclusively on premium and fast-absorbing whey isolate.

We don’t know the exact nutrition profile of Atron’s upcoming Isolate, although, with whey isolate as its primary source, it’ll be relatively lean. The details the brand has shared are that the supplement is coming in a sizeable 900g tub, and it’ll have a strong selection of flavors right from the start. Atron is rolling out Isolate in three options with the traditional Chocolate and Vanilla, and a sweet and salty Salted Caramel.

Again, Atron Isolate is said to be available sometime soon, so those of you in the region that are regular buyers of the brand and its products, can expect to see it on shelves shortly.