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Bowmar creates an energy drink version of its nootropic supplement Sharp

Bowmar Nutrition Sharp Energy Drink

Bowmar Nutrition is the next significant sports nutrition brand to enter the energy drink category with a spin-off of its energy and focus-enhancing supplement Sharp. The product is called Sharp Energy, and while it doesn’t feature the same exact formula as the original powder supplement, it still has quite an advanced combination of ingredients beyond your typical energy beverage.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Sharp Energy carries over almost all of the same ingredients as the Sharp nootropic powder product, although it doesn’t have a completely transparent label, so we don’t know all of their dosages, like the supplement. With such a similar formula, the energy drink aims to deliver a similar experience, supporting energy, mental focus, clarity, cognition, and alertness.

The ingredients driving the Sharp Energy drink from Bowmar Nutrition are citrulline, betaine, acetyl-l-carnitine, taurine, alpha-GPC, and the multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha, all of which are in the supplement version of Sharp, although here the alpha-GPC is AlphaSize branded. Bowmar has also included choline bitartrate in the beverage as well as the natural caffeine source guarana, providing 100mg of caffeine a can.

Bowmar Nutrition has taken the clean nutrition approach in Sharp Energy, keeping the macros to a minimum with no sugar, only a gram of carbohydrates, and five calories. The product is launching through the brand’s official online store at this Friday at midday Eastern Time in a Citrus Grapefruit flavor in cases of 12 for what looks to be somewhere around $30.