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Celsius’ latest flavor in Sweden is a fruity recipe the US has had for many years

Celsius Sweden Kiwi Guava

Many times in the past, we’ve seen the Swedish side of the functional beverage company Celsius launch a new and exciting flavor that wasn’t intended for the US or had yet to come to shelves. This week, following news of the recently released mandarin marshmallow concoction Fantasy Vibe, fans of the brand in Sweden are getting an addition to the flagship energy drink’s menu, although it’s not completely new.

Making its way out shortly to the many Celsius stores and stockists in the region is a Kiwi Guava flavor, which is something that’s already available here in America; however, we suspect they won’t taste exactly the same. You can see the upcoming item in the image above, again, featuring a flavor that’s been on the US market for several years, communicating that same combination of kiwi and guava but with the Swedish formula.

There are some locations in Sweden already showing up and saying they have the new or new to the country, Kiwi Guava, in stock and available for purchase, such as the supermarket ICA Nära Tores Allköp in Skivarp, which is the one that shared the image you can see above. If your preferred Celsius stockist doesn’t have the product available yet, hang tight, as, by the sounds of things, it won’t be long before it does.

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