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TeaCrine and Infinergy confirmed for Combat Fuel’s entry into the nootropic space

Combat Fuel Previews Optimise Nootropic

Sports nutrition competitor Combat Fuel in the UK has previewed an upcoming supplement that it hasn’t really said a whole lot about, although if you look closely at the sneak peek the brand has provided, you get a good idea of what it’s about. The product is named Optimise or Optimize for those of us in the US, and looking at the teaser image, that is the first detail that jumps out.

On closer inspection, you can see that Combat Fuel’s Optimise is going to be a dedicated nootropic supplement that’s all about enhancing and supporting energy and mental focus. It does say it contains stimulants, so this won’t be a caffeine-free nootropic; in fact, the product’s label says it features Infinergy branded di-caffeine malate, although there is no mention of an exact amount.

The one other ingredient we can confirm for Combat Fuel’s dive into the world of nootropic supplements is TeaCrine, a premium non-caffeine stimulant known for its ability to elevate energy and focus. Combat Fuel has shown it can craft some well-put-together products, leaving us looking forward to the complete reveal and release of Optimise, which sounds like it’s happening soon.