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Core Peak brings together four premium ingredients for stimulant-free pumps and power

Core Nutritionals Core Peak

Core Nutritionals is one of the most premium, reputable, and extensive sports nutrition brands on the market, with more competitors for various categories than most others. It has multiple competitors in the pre-workout category, several for weight loss, and a strong selection for muscle building, and on Monday of next week, it is expanding its presence in another familiar space with the versatile pre-workout Core Peak.

Core Nutritionals’ Core Peak is a completely stimulant-free supplement, exclusively featuring ingredients to support performance and power, and enhance muscle pumps. The product uniquely comes in capsule format as opposed to the more common flavored powder, and again it doesn’t have any stimulants, making it very versatile and stackable with other pre-workouts for additional pump, performance, and power support.

Core Nutritionals Core Peak Label

Driving the performance and power side of Core Peak is 450mg of Peak ATP; then, for muscle pumps, you get 2g of premium NO3-T arginine nitrate from ThermoLife, a solid 508mg of VasoDrive, then 200mg of CitraPeak. The supplement has a bit more for pumps than performance, but still a nice and short list of ingredients, all at solid dosages, and again, the four key components make it easy to stack with other products.

Again, Core Peak is going live on Core Nutrtionals’ website this coming Monday, with no word on price, but we suspect it’ll be similar to some of its other pre-workouts, somewhere around the $50 mark. The brand is putting 20 full servings into the supplement, the same as you get in the stimulant-fueled Core Fury and stimulant-free Core Pump, and if it arrives like most of Core’s drops, it’ll debut with some sort of promotion.