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Efectiv Mass squeezes in 50g of protein, and 156g of carbs and just under 1,000 calories

Efectiv Nutrition Efectiv Mass

Mass gainers or mass proteins aren’t as common in North America as they are internationally, with many sports nutrition brands frequently rolling them out beyond the US and Canada. The UK-based Efectiv Nutrition has just introduced its entry into the nutrition-packed and calorie-dense mass gainer market with Efectiv Mass, and it is loaded, with the calorie count getting pretty close to that four-figure benchmark.

Efectiv Nutrition’s simply named Efectiv Mass features a solid 50g of protein per serving, or more precisely 49.6g according to its label, coming from a blend of whey and milk concentrate, and egg white powder. Next you have the hefty carbohydrates at 156g with 6.8g of that sugar, and oats, maltodextrin, and sweet potato as its sources. Lastly, you have the fat at 12g a serving for a sizeable total of 943 calories.

As mentioned, Efectiv Nutrition certainly gets close to that standard of 1,000 calories, although being a nutrition supplement, you can scale Efectiv Mass, so if that is what you’re aiming for, you can just throw in a bit more on top ofits three-scoop serving. The brand has also added a comprehensive combination of vitamins and minerals for health and wellness, and some enzymes to improve digestion.

As far as mass gainers go, Efectiv Mass is relatively straightforward, with the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes giving it a bit of extra character, but overall it gives you what you want for a mass protein, and that is a source of high-calorie macros. The supplement comes in a giant 5kg or 11lb bucket, priced at £44.99 (55.62 USD), and it has three flavors in Milky Chocolate, Vanilla Cheesecake, and Strawberry Creme.