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Promising sequel to Ekkovision’s loaded Dethroner is precisely three months away

Ekkovision Confirms Upcoming Dethroner 2

Dethroner is the powerhouse pre-workout that really got Ekkovision’s name out there, although it did have other well-put-together supplements on the market around then. Dethroner is one of the most loaded premium pre-workouts we’ve ever laid eyes on, packing an incredibly impressive selection of branded ingredients, including pump-powering Nitrosigine, performance-supporting Senactiv, and AlphaSize alpha-GPC for focus.

Dethroner is still in stock and available for purchase through Ekkovision’s online store, and at the moment, it is actually discounted, dropped from its usual $72 for a tub of 20 servings down to $64.80. Whether or not this news is related to the sale of Dethroner, Ekkovision has revealed that it is currently working on a sequel to Dethroner, presumably with that same powerhouse approach to the formula, for launch in a few months in April.

Ekkovision has truly gone from strength to strength over the past several months, releasing groups of supplements one after another and making some noise on each launch. It’s that growth and evolution that helped earn it our Newcomer Of The Year Award for 2022, but it’s clearly not slowing down. We look forward to another strong year for Ekkovision and what a sequel to one of the most premium pre-workouts will turn out like.