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G Fuel makes a light up collector’s box and custom shaker for its Pac-Man partnership

G Fuel X Pac Man

Gaming giant G Fuel has announced another collaboration to start the New Year, and it is with another classic video game similar to its partnership with Tetris. The consistently busy brand has come together with the 80s title Pac-Man, which has gone on to become more than the original arcade game it started as, and now G Fuel has created a family of flavors inspired by it.

G Fuel has actually put together five different tastes of its signature supplement in partnership with Pac-Man. There is Power Pellet, which is Cherry Lollipop, then there is a flavor based on each of the Ghost Gang members from the game. That list includes Inky’s Crushed Tart Candy, Blinky’s Strawberry Banana, Pinky’s Cotton Candy Watermelon Vanilla, and Clyde’s Nectarine.

G Fuel Pac Man Shaker

The collaboration between G Fuel and Pac-Man is launching sometime next month, with the Ghost Gang flavors available separately in a Collector’s Box where you get to pick the member inside, and you get a Pac-Man branded shaker. As for Power Pellet, G Fuel has gone the extra mile on this one as it comes in a Collector’s Box that lights up with the push of a button, plus you get a shaker bottle featuring a custom Pac-Man-style lid.

While authentic collaborations and partnerships have become common at G Fuel, it’s great to see the gaming brand continue to keep things fun and interesting with creative differences like the light-up Collector’s Box and Pac-Man shaker. Again, the Ghost Gang flavors Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, and the cherry-tasting Power Pellet will be available and shipping out next month.

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