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Gaspari creates a thermogenic lotion under its incredibly long-running Cytolean line

Gaspari Nutrition Cytolean Thermogenic Cream

Cytolean is a product name that’s been around Gaspari Nutrition for several years, going back to before Stack3d even started with the original adipose-reducing agent Cytolean and its high-energy sequel Cytolean V2. The supplement is still a part of the brand’s catalog as the nighttime weight loss formula Cytolean Nighttime PM, and shortly we’re getting another Cytolean-titled product in Cytolean Thermogenic Workout Cream.

The newest entry in Gaspari Nutrition’s long-running Cytolean family is a topical supplement to rub into your skin for increased thermogenesis, an enhanced sweat effect, and firming of the skin. As far as we know, fans will be able to use the fat-burning lotion alongside Cytolean Nighttime PM as well as the high-powered, stimulant-backed weight loss product DTN8; in fact, don’t be surprised if they’re all sold together in a discounted stack.