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Gorilla Mind puts a variety of types in its flavored collagen competitor

Gorilla Mind Collagen Peptides

We just saw the still relatively new brand Sender get into the world of collagen supplements with Animate, which is a straightforward product featuring collagen and a moderate dose of vitamin C. The well-established and typically advanced brand Gorilla Mind is also throwing its hat into the collagen category this month with the simply named Collagen Peptides, and while it is more complex than Animate, it’s still fairly simple.

Gorilla Mind’s Collagen Peptides brings together a solid amount of collagen peptides at 12.25g a serving to support healthy hair, skin, and nails, plus 80mg of chicken collagen to provide type II collagen and 120mg of hyaluronic acid. The supplement is a slightly more comprehensive collagen solution thanks to the wider variety of types I, II, and III, with all of the ingredients combining to support hair, skin, nail, and joint health.

Collagen Peptides is in stock and available straight from Gorilla Mind’s online store at $39.99 for a tub of 30 servings, and it is not unflavored, launching in the one actual flavor of Mixed Berry, which is still an ideal taste to throw into shakes and smoothies.