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Killer Labz combines two ecdysteroid sources for its muscle builder Killer Turk

Killer Labz Killer Turk

Killer Labz followed up on its major rebrand last week with details on another newly branded and reformulated supplement, in the high-energy, stimulant-powered fat burner Exterminator. To keep the excitement going and continue its momentum heading into the launch of the refreshed Exterminator at the end of the month, the hardcore brand has unveiled an entirely new product arriving in the very near future.

Coming down the pipeline from Killer Labz is the muscle-building supplement Killer Turk, and if you’re at all familiar with these sorts of products, you’ll have a good idea of the main ingredient behind it. Killer Turk is the brand’s turkesterone-based supplement, featuring a solid one-gram dose of ajuga turkestanica, containing various ecdysteroids, including that title-mentioned component, turkesterone.

Killer Labz Killer Turk Label

Alongside the ajuga turkestanica, Killer Labz has packed Killer Turk with a second source of ecdysteroids in rhaponticum carthamoides extract at a dose of 100mg, and lastly to support and improve absorption of the formula, there is DecaSorb Technology. The brand did have a turkesterone-powered product before its makeover, simply named Turkesterone, which also had DecaSorb Technology, but not anything else, whereas Killer Turk has rhaponticum carthamoides.

Killer Turk is releasing soon, becoming available first through its online store, and presumably, it’s not far away. As mentioned, the brand already has another new supplement on its plate for later this month in a reformulated version of the high-powered fat burner Exterminator; in fact, we suspect the updated Exterminator is launching alongside Killer Turk, similar to its rebrand debuting with three products all at once.