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Flavored version of Burn Away is coming soon and it’ll have an added dose of MitoBurn

Like A Pro Burn Away Eternal Punishment

At the moment, Like A Pro Supplements’ well-put-together weight loss product, Burn Away, or more specifically Burn Away V2, only comes in capsule format. The reputable brand is gearing up to release that product as a flavored powder supplement, referred to as Burn Away Eternal Punishment, although it is a bit more than the original Burn Away V2 as something you can mix together and drink.

Like A Pro Supplements’ Burn Away Eternal Punishment is a comprehensive fat-burning product that takes everything from Burn Away V2, adds a solid dose of premium and proven MitoBurn, and turns it into a powder supplement in Orange and Cherry Limeade flavors. It is simply the weight loss formula fans have come to rely on in Burn Away V2 with one gram of MitoBurn for even greater results.

As mentioned, everything that’s in Burn Away V2 is in Burn Away Eternal Punishment, from its full dose of quality and multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha to the stimulants 100mg of natural caffeine, 100mg of Dynamine, and 50mg of TeaCrine. The only catch to the supplement is when it launches sometime soon, it’s only going to be around for a limited time, and we’re not sure what kind of price it’ll be.