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Watermelon brings MBN’s EAA menu level with its BCAA-based amino

Mbn Watermelon Eaa

Muscle Body Nutrition, more simply known as MBN, has two amino supplements in its lineup, and you can probably figure out their main difference by just their names. The products are called BCAA and EAA; the former is BCAA-based, featuring only the three all-important BCAAs, then the latter is an all-out EAA, providing a more comprehensive combination of the nine EAAs for muscle recovery and repair.

The more complete amino EAA has landed itself a new flavor recently, although it was necessary as now it has the same amount of tastes to choose from as BCAA. Going alongside the supplement’s four already available options of Mango, Green Apple, Orange, and Cola, is a classic Watermelon. The flavor extension has the same respectable dose of EAAs per serving as the others at 7.7g, and it is all nine EAAs.