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Perfect Keto’s signature supplement gets a coffee creamer twist in its Barista Blend series

Perfect Keto Barista Blend Collagen Mcts

Keto Collagen is the star of the Perfect Keto catalog, and it is indeed a collagen-based supplement, with 10g of the famous health and wellness ingredient per serving, alongside 5g of MCTs. The product does not take any shortcuts on flavor, offering fans and followers a nice selection of tastes from classic Chocolate and Vanilla through to Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Salted Caramel, and a smoothie-suited Unflavored.

To start the year strong, Perfect Keto has released two new flavors of Keto Collagen; although they’re so different, the brand has separated them into their own series. Perfect Keto has introduced Barista Blend Collagen & MCTs, combining that mix of collagen and MCTs with coffee creamer flavors. The idea is you blend the supplement into your coffee for added flavor and the functional benefits of those two key ingredients.

Perfect Keto’s Barista Blend Collagen & MCTs comes in Hazelnut and White Chocolate Raspberry flavors, and it’s worth noting the amounts of collagen and MCTs aren’t the same as Keto Collagen, far from it, with only 4g of collagen instead of 10, and 1.5g of MCTs, not 5. You can purchase either or both of the supplement’s flavors from Perfect Keto’s website for a similar price to Keto Collagen at $39.99 for a bag of 30 servings.