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Introducing Sweet Dreams cereal with added ingredients for a good night’s sleep

Post Brand Sweet Dreams Nighttime Cereal

Food giant Post Brands, the name behind notable products like Shreddies, Fruity Pebbles, Chips Ahoy!, and Malt-O-Meal, has introduced a new kind of cereal that bleeds into the functional realm. The company’s latest creation is called Sweet Dreams, and being a cereal, it keeps Post in a familiar space and format, but again, there is a functional twist to it that makes it far more than your typical cereal.

Post Brands’ Sweet Dreams is a cereal specifically made for you to eat before going to sleep or at least enjoy close to bedtime. The cereal itself comes in the crunchy classic flake format and it has two flavors to choose from at launch. The options are Blueberry Midnight with blueberries alongside lavender and chamomile, and Honey Moonglow featuring honey, vanilla, and, again, lavender and chamomile.

The macros are typical for a cereal with a cup of Sweet Dreams providing 5g of protein, 4 to 6g of fat, 43 to 46g of carbohydrates, with 13 to 16g of that sugar, 3g of fiber, and 230 to 240 calories. The functional twist is that Post Brands has added several active ingredients to support the natural production of melatonin and help you get a good night’s sleep, with various vitamins and minerals, chamomile, and zinc.

Sweet Dreams from Post Brands is an interesting take and approach to breakfast cereal, or in this case, nighttime or dinner cereal, and while it’s not a full-on sleep supplement, it’s a nice way to bring sleep ingredients and functional foods to a more mainstream audience. The product is available from the online giant Amazon and at Walmart, with the latter selling the unique cereal product at $4.48 for a 13.5oz box.