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Guava and sherbet flavors start the New Year for the Mother energy drink

Rainbow Sherbet Mother Energy Drink

Mother is one of the many energy drinks the beverage giant Monster has out in the world that isn’t its signature line of “M” marked Monster products. It is primarily distributed down under in Australia and New Zealand, and it has built quite the menu over the years, with several tasty options to choose from beyond Original, including Epic Swell, Passion, and the completely sugar-free Razzle Berry.

To give fans of the Mother energy drink in Australia and New Zealand something to look forward to this year, Monster has announced two fresh new flavors for the beverage, and they both sound rather tasty. Coming soon to the product is Lava Guava, an obviously guava-based taste, and bringing some eye-catching color to the energy drink’s growing menu is a candy-inspired Rainbow Sherbet.

Lava Guava and Rainbow Sherbet Mother energy drinks come in the regular version of the brand’s beverage, so they’ll have a lot of nutrition to them. Other already available flavors for the energy drink have anywhere from 51 all the way up to 78g of carbohydrates, most of, if not all of that sugar, calories as high as 310 per can, and the caffeine sits between 150 to 160mg, varying between flavors.

The Lava Guava Mother energy drink appears to have already made its way out to stores in Australia but not New Zealand, while Rainbow Sherbet hasn’t shown up in either country yet. Again, it’s great news for fans of the energy drink, and an exciting start to 2023, as new flavors always bring some fun to a lineup, especially when they’re different like Lava Guava and Rainbow Sherbet.

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