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Reflex uses glutamine peptides as a protein source in its value-focused Essential Protein

Reflex Nutrition Essential Protein

Reflex Nutrition in the UK has released another protein powder, separate from its many other competitors in the space, such as 3D Protein, 100% Whey, Native Whey, and Micellar Casein. The name is Essential Protein, and the key benefit the brand is promoting is the fact it costs only £10 a bag with 20g of protein per serving, although there are some additional points worth knowing about the supplement before you purchase it.

Reflex Nutrition’s Essential Protein does have 20g of protein per serving but from a combination of whey concentrate and glutamine peptides, not exclusively whey, like most whey-powered products. It also has a high amount of carbohydrates, meaning the amount of powder you need for a serving is more than something with fewer carbs. That results in fewer servings than you may expect, and in Essential Protein, that is 14 servings from a 500g bag, and again, that’s with 20g of protein a serving.

If you don’t mind your protein coming from whey and glutamine peptides, getting 7.9g of carbohydrates with every 20g of protein, and having no scoop in the bag, Reflex Nutrition’s Essential Protein is good value. Its £10 price is in line with larger whey concentrate protein powders such as Applied Nutrition’s Critical Whey at £49.95 for 67 servings, but again, it doesn’t have glutamine peptides as a protein source, and the carbs are under 2g.

You can purchase Essential Protein from Reflex Nutrition’s online store, and once again, it is just £10 for a 500g bag of 14 servings in Chocolate Caramel and Vanilla flavors. The brand does actually have a sale on at the moment, discounting the purely whey concentrate protein powder 100% Whey to £40 for a 2kg tub, which works out to be much better value than Essential Protein; however, that initial cost is higher at £40 instead of £10.