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Heart-shaped Pandy Sweet Hearts are back to celebrate another Valentine’s Day

Return Of Pandy Sweet Hearts

Last year, Swedish functional candy company Pandy, launched a product that made it that little bit easier to buy something special for the fitness fan or health-conscious partner in your life for Valentine’s Day. The creative brand put together a heart-shaped candy with its usually low-sugar and low-calorie recipe, and to bring up the presentation, it came in a large, red-colored, heart-shaped plastic box.

Pandy’s Sweet Hearts candy was completely themed around Valentine’s Day, even saying Valentine’s Edition on the front, so it’s no surprise it was only meant to be available for a limited time. Roughly one year later, Pandy is looking to lend a hand to those on the hunt for a Valentine’s Day gift here in 2023, and has brought back its delicious Sweet Hearts candy for another limited run with the same raspberry flavor and in the same packaging.

The Valentine’s Edition Sweet Hearts is a lot larger than a typical bag of Pandy candy, three times bigger in fact, but the nutrition is still reasonably lean at 25.5g of carbohydrates in a 150g box, under 2g of that sugar, no fat, a little more than 10g of protein, and 255 calories. The product is available now while stocks last through the brand’s website, and it’s not expensive at SEK 49 (4.77 USD).

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