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Rockstar Punched and Pure Zero get a refreshing Strawberry Peach flavor

Strawberry Peach Rockstar Punched And Pure Zero

Less than 24 hours ago, we shared details on a new flavor for the beverage giant Rockstar and its hydration and energy-supporting product, Rockstar Recovery. There is actually another flavor the brand has cooked up, although, unlike the Strawberry Lemonade Rockstar Recovery, this one is launching for two separate Rockstar energy drinks.

Now available on Amazon is a refreshing and sweet-sounding Strawberry Peach flavor for the high-sugar Rockstar Punched with 61g of sugar and a hefty 240 calories, and the significantly lighter Rockstar Pure Zero with no sugar and only 20 calories. Both products aim to deliver that same two-part, fruit-filled recipe, combining strawberry and peach.

You get all of the usual active ingredients in the Strawberry Peach-flavored Rockstar energy drinks, including 240mg of caffeine in Rockstar Punched and Rockstar Pure Zero. As mentioned, the online giant Amazon is listing Strawberry Peach in stock for Rockstar Punched and Rockstar Pure Zero, and has them priced the same at $20.49 for 12 cans.