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PeakO2-enhanced Peak Aminos replaces Trained By JP’s more straightforward EAA

Trained By Jp Nutrition Peak Aminos

In many of the popular sports nutrition categories, Trained By JP Nutrition has more than one competitor, and that goes for areas like pre-workout, amino, and protein powder. In the amino space, the popular UK-based brand has the likes of its complex intra-workout Performance Fuel, which is not as amino-focused, the relatively straightforward JP EAA, and the much more advanced MPS Max.

Trained By JP Nutrition, from the reputable bodybuilding coach and bodybuilder Jordan Peters, has just introduced another amino supplement by way of Peak Aminos. This is actually going to replace JP EAA and its impressive 12g plus of all nine EAAs per serving, although Peak Aminos looks like a much more complex product, more along the lines of Performance Fuel and MPS Max.

The all-new Peak Aminos from Trained By JP Nutrition has precisely the same amount of EAAs as JP EAA, at 12.48g, to comprehensively support muscle recovery, but it has several premium components alongside that. Joining the EAAs is Cocomineral branded coconut water, marine-sourced Aquamin minerals, Himalayan pink salt, and a gram of the performance-supporting PeakO2 blend.

Trained By JP Nutrition has basically taken JP EAA and stepped things up a notch for Peak Aminos, combining a hefty dose of EAAs with additional ingredients for hydration, performance, and endurance. It’s well and truly a better supplement, available in Orange Mango and Berry Blast flavors, and it doesn’t cost much more than the product it’s replacing at £34.99 for a tub of 30 servings.