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Colorful ZOA rebrand brings new flavors and as much as 50mg more caffeine

Zoa No Sugar Rebrand

ZOA has completely revealed and released its major rebrand, which we shared a look at a little over a week ago. The makeover is quite significant, with the beverage brand switching from its mostly black design to something with a lot more color. The products now feature a flavor-related color from top to bottom, and the display of information is different, especially the name covering the face and reading vertically.

There are some flavor innovations with the ZOA revamp, where the original no-sugar beverage’s Super Berry, Wild Orange, Tropical Punch, Pineapple Coconut, and White Peach are joined by Strawberry Watermelon, Frosted Grape, and the previously limited Cherry Limeade; however, the new additions are only in the slim and sleek 12oz option.

The menu of the pre-workout style ZOA+ has also received some attention, with a new Coconut Lemonade going alongside the previous lineup of Mandarin Orange, Blackberry Acai, and Pineapple Passionfruit.

Zoa Pre Workout Rebrand

As far as inside the can goes, we don’t know if the taste has changed on those familiar flavors, but there is a notable tweak to one of the formulas. The ZOA+ pre-workout still has all of its energy and performance-supporting components, although, in the no-sugar ZOA energy drink, the caffeine and vitamin C have been increased. Previously the 12oz packed 120mg of natural caffeine and 160mg in the larger 16oz, which are now 160mg for the 12oz and 210mg in the 16oz.

You can get a closer look at ZOA’s refreshing rebrand on its website and purchase any of the products there too, all at very reasonable and competitive prices. Cases of 12 of the smaller 12oz no-sugar energy drink are $24.99, the slightly larger 16oz will cost you $29.99, and the tastier and more advanced ZOA+ is up at $39.99 for 12. ZOA has also put together some variety bundles over on Amazon to try more than a single flavor.

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