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Muscle Shake downsizes to 330ml with an equally scaled down nutrition profile

All Stars Smaller Muscle Shake Protein Rtd

Muscle Shake is German brand All Stars’ milkshake-like ready-to-drink protein beverage, coming in a large half-liter bottle and providing a solid 38 to 40g of protein, all from milk protein. The product has been around for quite some time, and it’s worth mentioning, it’s not the brand’s only protein RTD. All Stars also has the refreshing Protein Water and the premium, pure-whey isolate beverage, IsoWhey Pure.

All Stars has decided its time to downsize Muscle Shake and relaunched the long-running premixed protein shake in a smaller 330ml size, which is a sizeable 34% drop. The nutrition profile of the beverage has scaled down by about that much as well, packing 25g of protein instead of that hefty 40g. That hit of protein sits alongside 18g of carbohydrates, a large 13g of that sugar, 2g of fat, and a calorie count of 195.

The official online store of All Stars is no longer listing its original half-liter Muscle Shake; in fact, we’re pretty sure the all-new 330ml version has taken over the 500ml’s page, so it looks as though this is a complete replacement. The slimmer protein RTD is available in the same three flavors — Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry — and directly from All Stars’ online store; it’ll cost €2.95 each or €36 for a case of 12.

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