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Apollon brings a modern approach to performance in the bedroom with Casanova

Apollon Nutrition Casanova

Casanova is Apollon Nutrition’s first-ever sexual health supplement, where our two-time Brand Of The Year winner is bringing its typically advanced approach to formulations to the specialized category. The contents of the product have been revealed today, with the availability of Casanova coming later this week, and the timing isn’t a coincidence, as the hardcore brand has planned it specifically in time with Valentine’s Day.

Apollon Nutrition has really attacked the sexual health and performance space with a modern-day angle in Casanova, utilizing several premium ingredients we haven’t seen put to work in this way before. With blood flow being a beneficial effect for performance in the bedroom, the brand has called on the help of CellFlo6 at a hefty 600mg and Nitrosigine at 1.5g, two ingredients usually seen in pump pre-workouts but repurposed for Casanova.

Apollon Nutrition Casanova Label

Alongside CellFlo6 and Nitrosigine, Apollon Nutrition’s Casanova has some of your more common testosterone-supporting and sexual health ingredients, including horny goat weed, 600mg of longjack, and 5.4mg of yohimbine. There are a few more premium components as well in 300mg of Blackvcube black ginger, a solid 600mg of Tesofen branded fenugreek, and it wouldn’t be a sports nutrition supplement without the ever-present absorption enhancer AstraGin, which is in there at a total of 50mg a serving.

Another creative feature of Casanova, which was previously confirmed, is that with every bottle of the product, Apollon Nutrition is throwing in a custom condom to let fans try it out with protection. The supplement is going live this Friday at for a price of $59.95, similar to its other premium products, and you get 20 servings a bottle which, in this situation, could last you a month, a few months, or even a year.