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AstroFlav exclusively relies on premium InnoSlim and MitoBurn in its versatile fat burner 2X

Astroflav 2x Fat Burner

Weight loss is one of the categories AstroFlav has a strong presence in, with far more competitors in the category than most. It has MetaBurn AM featuring a variety of ingredients and supporting a selection of benefits; MetaBurn PM, built to help burn fat and improve sleep; then you have the original stim-free flavored supplement Drip. This month the brand is welcoming yet another weight loss product in the simply named 2X.

AstroFlav’s 2X is a fat burner designed to improve weight loss by supporting carbohydrate tolerance, appetite control, and enhancing calorie burn with two premium and proven ingredients, hence the name. Driving the experience and benefits of 2X at half a gram of InnoSlim and another half a gram of Mitoburn, both of which are in the brand’s other fat burners; Mitoburn in both MetaBurns and InnoSlim only in MetaBurn PM.

While there is a crossover between the ingredients in MetaBurn AM, MetaBurn PM, and 2X, you will have no problem stacking them all together to maximize weight loss results, as combined, the amounts still aren’t over-the-top. With only two components to its formula, 2X is the cheapest fat burner the brand has available $17 lower than either of the MetaBurn supplements at $37.95 for a bottle of 30 complete servings.